Paragliding flight to Dharamshala from Triund

Package :                                1hour paragliding flight.
Climate:                                  10 – 25 centigrade.
Activity :                                 Tandem Paragliding flight.
Duration:                                3 hour flight.
Takeoff site:                          4900 ft. from sea level.
Price:                                       INR. 8000/- per person + 5% GST

Highligts :- May spot wild life, shepherds, Views of Snow covered Dhouladhar mountain range, Last point is Triund hill.
 Paragliding flight start from Bir Billing and back, paraglider may land at Dharamshala, Palampur on the way back if wind is not suitable and thermals gets low and drive back.

 Tandem paragliding to Triund/ Dharamshala is one of the longest flights we offered to our guests. Paragliding flight to Dharamshala from Triund is cross country and need special skills to fly cross country and only few pilots are doing it tandem. We have some top pilots with international ranking and flying with them for long flights.
 Triund is one of the famous trek in Himachal at Macleodganj/ Dharamshala. One can reach Triund which is 2950 mts from sea level at 12 km/4-5 hr. trek away from Macleodganj. Trek from Macleodganj to Triund is a small section of trek which is leading to Chamba and used by shepherds during their yearly movement to higher grazing fields with their flocks.
Other Paragliding options at Bir Billing with our Team:-
3 hour Paragliding flight to Triund from Bir Billing.
15-30 min. Paragliding flight.
30-45 min. Paragliding flight.
45-60 min. Paragliding flight.

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