Zipline in Dharamshala

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Zipline in Dharamshala: A zip-line (also known as a flying fox, foefie slide, zip wire, aerial runway, aerial ropeslide, death slide or tyrolean crossing)[citation needed] consists of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on an incline. It is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable, usually made of stainless steel, by holding on or attaching to the freely moving pulley. Zip-lines come in many forms, most often used as a means of entertainment. They may be short and low, intended for child’s play and found on some playgrounds. Longer and higher rides are often used as a means of accessing remote areas, such as a rainforest canopy. Zip-line tours are becoming popular vacation activities, found at outdoor adventure camps or upscale resorts, where they may be an element on a larger challenge or ropes course.

A zip line is a means of moving people or equipment over rough or pristine terrain using a cable and special zip line trolley system. There are many variations and uses. The most common use of the term is that of a ride. As an adventure ride, the zip line usually traverses over beautiful landscape or dense rainforest or desert canyons. The rider fastens into a harness or seat and launches out over the expanse. It is a thrilling ride, moving quickly and covering rugged terrain. Zip line rides slow to a landing speed as the line levels out naturally at the other end. Often there will be a platform or ground features that meet the rider just at the end. This occurs naturally because of the sag in the cable. The designer ensures the cable tension is not too tight and not too loose. Tight zip line cables will tend to keep the ride at a relatively constant speed, while a line with less tension will start fast and slow down near the end.


1.Anyone aged 10 and above and Over 3.5 feet high and under 100 kg and With a waist measurement of 101.6cm / 40 inches or less. We’ve had participants from 10 to 65 years old.

2. Zip lines are designed by best engineers.

3.Our safety Equipment’s are imported from Europe with the certification of UIAA.

4.All safety equipment is imported from Simond/Patzl/ Calcit or Camp Company. (equipment like Pulley, Harness and carabineers). Tampering with or attempt to modify any part of the harness or cable system is not permitted.

5. Each installation is inspected every day on the client/you Our operation conforms to the latest European Standards

6.Daily sites are managed by trained professionals instructor after installation by client on self Before taking the tour, each participant receives a safety briefing.

7. Nevertheless it’s important to bear in mind that adventure activities are not without an element of risk.

8. Only one person is permitted on a zipline at a time. Zipline must be clear before zipping.

9. Visitors are connected to the cables with safety lines at all times while on elevated platforms.

10. All minors (under 18 years of age) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

11. All riders must be willing participants. Crying children will not be allowed to zipline for their safety and the safety of our tour guides.

No one under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or impairing legal drugs, will be allowed to participate in the tour / ride.


This adventure is designed for persons in good physical condition. Pregnant women,guests with existing injuries and/or seizure disorders are prohibited. Guests with current or re-occurring medical conditions that may interfere with the participant’s safety should not take this tour. When in doubt, speak with your doctor about any concerns.


Completion of a waiver/release form is required. Relatives other than the actual parents or legal guardians cannot sign the waiver for a minor by law.


Closed-toe shoes are required. NO FLIP FLOPS!! Pants or long shorts are recommended; shorts should hit the mid thigh so the harness isn’t on bare skin. Please tie back long hair and no loose jewelry.


INR 1000 for 1 km Per Person

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